Odeko – Rose Tinted Vision Implant
Record Label, Est 2010
gobstopper records, grime, electronic, mr mitch, dark0, Clu, loom, Iglew, experimental, record label, gobstopper, best label, best, biggest,
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Odeko – Rose Tinted Vision Implant

Welsh producer Odeko first appeared on Mr. Mitch’s forward-looking Gobstopper imprint with the A.I. influenced EP
“A History With Samus” in 2016 immediately snagging a “producer to watch” tag from Fact magazine and a premiere
at SPIN. In early 2017, his second EP “Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct” arrived confirming his sound and setting the
stage for him to start working on this – his debut album “Rose Tinted Vision Implant” that is set in a post-Ballard, post-Gibson,
post-Mi√©ville, alternate reality. “Rose Tinted Vision Implant” sees the Bath-based producer creating a cutting edge sonic
world inspired by “speculative fiction, time/reality shifting stories and dystopian shit.” The entire record is structured
around, and expands upon his passion for the “future,” underpinning the music via a underlining narrative.

“Rose Tinted Vision Implant” starts with “The User” (aka the listener/ protagonist depending on your perspective) of the
‘Optic.Rose’ going through the process of getting an implant is made by a mega corporation, (think “whatever Elon Musk’s
legacy will be 200 years from now” says Odeko “not necessarily evil or good, just a world owning superpower.”). And then
we follow “The User” who has unfortunately received a bad egg through stages of that devices degradation. Sonically we’re
there to observe. We open (“Anomaly Detection”) with a precursory scan and move onto installation (“OpticRose_0_1_Installation”)
through to a battery change¬† and a recalibration. From this point, the ‘presence’ begins to take over the implant and the
tracks verge into a more cerebral range.

Odeko notes “its a bit of a satire on corporate brands pushing these great products that everyone is obsessed but that
are detrimental to both the world, and how we perceive reality. Our relationship with social media and tech could go down
a dangerous path if we loose sight of things. I’m going quite far here for the sake of the concept, but things like VR, AR,
the want for body tech, mixed with our desire to be connected, emotionally, digitally, physically, wirelessly could lead
us to a world where everyone has implants, or some kind of tech built into them.”

Sonically its a record that explores a post-IDM, post-Grime, post-Ambient, post-Glitch, post-Retro-House, post-Instrumental
Grime, take on electronic music, like Gobstopper’s Mr. Mitch himself and his label mates Orlando, Lloyd SB, Tarquin, Clu, rAHHH
and Loom, Odeko is making a kind of post-genre music. Yes its a cerebral concept under the music but as popular shows
like Black Mirror have shown – critiquing our new future can be fun, unusual and highly rewarding. Welcome to the world of Odeko