Mr. Mitch – Lazy
Record Label, Est 2010
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Mr. Mitch – Lazy

Mr. Mitch releases his third album, ‘Lazy’, on Gobstopper Records. Unlike the title of this release, Mr. Mitch presents a body of work that includes pieces showcasing the diversity and care he often exhibits in his productions. The versatile producer has a tendency to communicate his life experiences through his music, as seen in his last album ‘Devout’. ‘Lazy’ is a reflection of the different situations he might find himself in when producing – in between running a successful record label, raising three children and having a full-time job. A compelling collection of 11 songs, totalling nearly 50 minutes, provides a glimpse into Mr. Mitch’s musical output whilst in those infrequent spaces of time.

He opens ‘Lazy’ with “Black Majik”, a club-ready track characterised by repetitive drums that stimulate movement. “Make Time” sees Mr. Mitch enlist multidisciplinary artist and long-time friend, Duval Timothy, where the pair have created a beautifully crafted piece with dreamy undertones. “In The Hills” follows, taking on a more upbeat tempo. The guitar strings take on a life of their own, accelerating the pace of his album. They reflect Mr. Mitch’s love for those “plastic sounding guitars found in Balearic house and 90’s R&B”. The second of the three collaborations in ‘Lazy’ is with Manga Saint Hilaire whose vocal flow compliments the instrumental of “Lazy”, fluctuating between laidback and lively feels. Mr. Mitch continues to champion the sounds of techno dancehall, shown in his track “What They Want”, and “Daydream Of You” brings ‘Lazy’ to a delicate close.

The ever-expanding variety in Mr. Mitch’s sonic palette demonstrated in ‘Lazy’ is a clear example of his imprint on the music scene. The continuous reinvention of his sound, restricting the categorisation of his music as singular, adds to the innovative approaches he uses to keep his listeners emotionally moved. The album also comes with 200 handwritten CDs and a limited edition T-shirt collaboration with Carhartt WIP, including art by New York artist, Obi Agwam. This further illustrates the care Mr. Mitch’s puts into his releases.

Words by Michelle Ngz